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Our customer’s safety has been a priority for us since the start of this situation of emergency.

We’ve put here all the most frequently asked questions you’ve asked, but if you have more doubts or requests please contact us, we’re at your disposal.
Are you still shipping the packs, even in this condition of massive restrictions?
Yes, our shipments don’t stop. In case there were changes on shippings or delivery times we’ll inform you as soon as possible.

Is it safe to receive packs from a country where Covid-19 is so widespread, as Italy is?
Absolutely yes. Safety has always been our priority, for our customers and for our employees.
The World Health Organization states that even shipping and receiving packages is totally safe, and we’re always updated on their latest news.
Even our collaborators that take care of logistics and shippings are working in absloute safety, even adopting extraordinary procedures when necessary.
Moreover, we strictly follow the most recent guidelines from OMS, from Centres of prevention and control of infectious diseases, from local governments and from agencies for public health, and we update our practices on these informations.

You can update on the OMS website, where you find the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Can I keep on making returns?
Yes, you can return our items regularly.

May I change my shipping address after the order has been done?
We understand the difficulty of this situation and we try to answer all of your needs. For issues like this you can contact our customer care service, to receive the support you need.

May I receive assistance during a purchase?
Support during a purchase and after has always been a priority for us, that’s why you can contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or contacting our chat service on our website.

We will answer all the requests, as soon as possible.